The CONCILIUS Strategy

Successful lobbying means finding a consensus between the public sector, societal concerns and corporate interests. Politicians make decisions on the basis of their level of knowledge and after weighing up diverging arguments.

CONCILIUS ensures that the relevant decision-makers know and understand your company's arguments. We substantiate your justified interest with verifiable facts and information, which we consolidate together with you. In a one-on-one discussion, larger event formats or with targeted argumentation papers, we address decision-makers with your entrepreneurial perspective. We take care that the right people are addressed with the right arguments at the right time in the right manner.


How does lobbying work?

Consensual Lobbying

Convincing means informing. |The right people with the rigth arguments.

The demands placed on political lobbying are constantly evolving. Political issues are becoming increasingly complex and require expert knowledge beyond the political level. The prejudices of a critical public, representation of economic interests automatically means unfair influence, may every now and then seem to be confirmed by very rare prominent individual cases - in reality, however, such lobbying does not work. In a democracy, the decision is based on the argument - the art of good lobbying is to make the argument understandable and to communicate it to the right address at the right time.


A new concept

On the basis of our own experiences in politics and industry, we have developed a well-founded method based on practical experience and rational analysis techniques: We extend the classical determinants of politics - power and interest - through the democratic virtues of compromise and consensus.

Together with our clients, we develop effective and assertive strategies making an offer to politics and society. Our concept is not based on enforcement and power, but on the strength of arguments and discussion: consensual lobbying.

Partner, not opponent

Communication in the political and administrative areas can only be successful in the medium and long term, if it integrates the individual interest into a strategy for the common good. Our goal is to make our clients partners of politics. To this end, we create an environment in which our clients can represent their interests to the organized public at eye level.


Personal contact

Direct conversation
Discuss your concern in a direct conversation with relevant political and administrative decision-makers, their employees and colleagues.

Ambassador function
Are you looking for an exchange with decision-makers, but would like or need to preserve your personnel resources? CONCILIUS communicates your concerns on your behalf.

Background talks
CONCILIUS cultivates direct exchange at all political levels. In background talks, by telephone or in person, we illuminate the political mood and the willingness to reach a consensus.

Convincing together

Fireside chats
Complex topics can often be represented with greater weight in small groups of interested parties and experts. In fireside chats we bring politicians and companies together to discuss new perspectives.

Parliamentary occasion
The direct, personal exchange with companies is also in the interest of decision-makers. Parliamentary events enable decision-makers and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and objections over breakfast or dinner.

Congresses, workshops, conferences. CONCILIUS invites political and administrative decision-makers to information events in order to learn about the concerns, interests and innovative business models of our clients.

Inform and argue

Proven success: The letter
The good old letter - in politics it is still one of the most successful communication media to present positions, deliver arguments, represent interests objectively or just to maintain personal contacts.

Argumentation papers
Above all, lobbying is information and persuasion work. It provides arguments, data and facts that are needed for decision making. We design argumentation papers for decision makers with equally important information and facts about your business model as well as valid arguments for your business concern.

Advantage through knowledge
Our work is always based on a detailed and comprehensive analysis. From study results to legal assessments and professional articles – CONCILIUS develops a well-founded chain of arguments based on analysis results and decades of experience with which we approach decision-makers. Transparent, objective, consensus-oriented.

Additional networks and expertise?

Senior Advisory Board

Our centre of force

The members of the CONCILIUS Senior Advisory Board are an important part of our team. Content expertise, many years of experience and solid relationships of trust in the public sector are key building blocks for successful work in political communication. Our Senior Advisors complement our core team on a project-by-project basis. They have successfully completed their way into top positions in the political-administrative field or in industry and now provide their expertise to CONCILIUS clients.

The members of our Senior Advisory Board strengthen CONCILIUS across parties in all regions of Germany and at the European level. Their professional qualifications cover all economic sectors and policy fields.

What makes CONCLIUS so special?


Political DNA

CONCILIUS is an original political enterprise - we dispose of a political DNA consisting of actively gained experience in politics and administration


Our consultants have an excellent track record and decades of experience in successfully advising on regulatory issues in nearly every industry sector

Network Value

Our close-knit, diversified and constantly growing network covers all relevant parties and includes all political and administrative levels


We understand the interdependencies between the federal levels and cover them.

We take |it personally

Highest personal commitment of the team and loyalty to the client.

Confidential |and effective

CONCILIUS does not have to hide, but we are not more important than our client. We work confidentially, but transparently for our clients and discussion partners.

Methodical, |analysis-based approach

We attach great importance to a comprehensible, analysis-based and content- and goal-oriented approach.