» The public sector as an attractive business partner

The public sector is and will remain the largest market participant in Germany. Its participates with the private sector in projects ranging from government contracting, outsourcing, and public-private partnerships through to privatizations. These might be tenders by a municipality for a new IT-system, but also acquisitions by federal authorities worth billions.

Sales and distribution in the public sector follows its own laws which are often the subject of political discussions.

For over 15 years, CONCILIUS has been assisting clients in identifying, participating in and successfully concluding transactions with the public sector. From initial analysis and the drafting of bids through to direct communications with decision-makers, we utilize all opportunities for our clients strictly within the framework of the principles of public procurement law.

How do we proceed?


  • Systematic market analysis and tender monitoring
  • Personal discussions with decision-makers
  • Identification and evaluation of opportunities by a team of experts with decades of experience


  • Support for project initiation
  • Support for the client in the preparation of a suitable offer
  • Development of a dynamic target plan including a time frame, individual measures and the decision matrix


  • Sparring partner: project support and ongoing advice to the client
  • Implementation of individual measures, e.g. participation in expert rounds, organization of information events for politicians and authorities, etc.
  • Ongoing review of bidder strategy, adapted to current developments

References & Successes

Private management |of a municipal clinic

Challenge: Positioning of a private company as a better alternative to management by the authorities


  • Identification and analysis of opportunities through information from the CONCILIUS network
  • Project initiation and proposal development with the client
  • Preparation of the client for discussions with the municipality
  • Individual discussions and information formats with decision-makers at state level and in the municipality

Success: Assignment of the management of the clinic to the client

Municipal |outdoor advertising

Challenge: Conclusion of new business transactions and contract extension with local authorities in the field of outdoor advertising


  • Analysis and identification of chances of success through tender monitoring and information from the CONCILIUS network
  • Project initiation and design of a municipal offer strategy
  • Preparation of the client for discussions with the municipalities
  • Individual discussions and information formats with decision-makers at state level and in the municipalities

Success: Significant increase in the number of contracts concluded by the client as well as establishing a reputation for medium and long-term business development

Privatization of |a housing company

Challenge: Broad bidding war for the sale of a large municipal housing company in northern Germany


  • Development of an offer strategy
  • Increasing awareness and reputation of the client in the network conducting its first business in Germany
  • Planning, organization and execution of large information events
  • More than 100 individual discussions with decision-makers at federal, state and municipal level
  • Involvement of third parties, such as tenant associations

Success: Although our client was active on the German market for the first time, it was awarded the contract. The ideal start for its sustainable positioning and future business development

Added value

Professional support in the highly complex system of the public sector

Continuous identification of opportunities

Good market positioning and clearly improved prospects of success for new business transactions

Legislation & |Regulation

Enabling and securing
business models



The public sector
as a business partner


Market Entry |Support

Creating new markets
for innovations


Large-Scale Projects & |Infrastructure

Settlements and infrastructure projects –
analysis, approval, consensus


Funding |Consultancy

Identification and realization
of funding opportunities


Intelligence & |Monitoring

Research and analysis
of information