Subsidy Consultancy

» Benefit from public subsidies and incentives

Companies interested in public funding to finance innovative projects face a variety of challenges: What suitable funding instruments are available? Which requirements must be fulfilled? How must the project be applied for? Can a consortium be formed? Do stakeholders need to be involved? To whom must the project be advertised in order to increase the chances of the application being successful?

CONCILIUS experts, specialized in funding issues, support you in identifying and applying for suitable programs from the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany. Together with you, we align your project to the appropriate funding instruments in order to enter the race with maximum funding opportunities.

Once your grant application has been approved, CONCILIUS can handle the complex project management. This includes the regular reporting obligation, the preparation of a final report and the coordination of a consortium. But before going to deep, our funding experts check the likelihood of the project being eligible for funding. This allows you to focus your company's resources on projects promising success.

Naturally, funding can be more than a direct subsidy of cash resources. It can also be low-interest loans, quick approval procedures, tax savings or public support in the search for suitable sites. The CONCILIUS team will of course also support you in negotiating such funding instruments.

How do we proceed?

Analysis phase

  • Initial compilation of the essential key points of your project
  • Identification of suitable funding instruments and programs
  • Quick check: prospects of a grant application succeeding

Application phase

  • Detailed preparation of the grant application
  • Accompaniment of the client or consortium in the course of the application procedure
  • Initiating, preparing and conducting discussions with stakeholders who can support the proposal

Implementation phase

  • Summary presentation of reporting obligations
  • Regular preparation of funding reports and submission to the responsible funding institutions
  • Preparation of a final report at the end of the eligibility period

References & Successes

Since 2003 we have been able to advise many large and medium-sized companies as well as start-ups and institutions from the fields of industry, transport, energy, infrastructure, education and training and the health sector. For a total volume of approx. € 120 million, we have so far been able to generate approx. € 40 million in subsidies.

Emission-free local |public transport

Funding project: Financing of a charging network for zero-emission power units in local public transport in the Rotterdam region


  • Analysis of funding opportunities, regulatory requirements and decision-making structures
  • Professional support in the preparation of application documents for the construction of a total of 74 charging stations for the operation of an electrically powered bus fleet
  • Individual discussions and information formats with political and societal decision-makers

Success: The application was approved and the network of charging stations could be set up

Extension of |motorway rest areas

Funding project: As a result of new European Union regulations on the safety of truck parking areas on motorways, four rest areas were upgraded and modernized


  • Identification of possible funding programs: comparison of funding opportunities, regulatory requirements and decision-making structures
  • Application for EU subsidies to finance the construction project along Dutch motorways
  • Negotiations and individual discussions with politicians, administrations and funding institutions

Success: The application was approved and the four truck parking areas were upgraded

Modernization |of a port facility

Funding project: Capacity expansion of an existing freight port and further development into an intermodal, efficient port facility by merging two previously independent logistics hubs in Ireland


  • Application for EU subsidies amounting to around € 4.4 million for the construction of a more efficient port facility
  • Negotiations with politicians, administrations and funding institutions
  • Individual discussions and information formats with political and social decision-makers

Success: The application was approved and the project is currently being implemented

Added value

Overview of all relevant funding programs at the level of the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany

Resource efficiency by focusing on funding applications promising success

Many years of experience in the presentation of projects in line with requirements and prerequisites

Accompaniment of the client and the grant application from first considerations to the preparation of the final report

Legislation & |Regulation

Enabling and securing
business models



The public sector
as a business partner


Market Entry |Support

Creating new markets
for innovations


Large-Scale Projects & |Infrastructure

Settlements and infrastructure projects –
analysis, approval, consensus


Funding |Consultancy

Identification and realization
of funding opportunities


Intelligence & |Monitoring

Research and analysis
of information