Intelligence & Monitoring

» Your strategic advantage: knowing what will be decided tomorrow.

Only with thorough research and reliable information can targeted business strategies be developed and successfully implemented. Solid information and the wealth of experience from decades of work in the political arena form the basis for our “consensual lobbying”.

CONCILIUS has established an independent "Content & Research Team", which specializes exclusively in the research and preparation of information in a regulatory context. Our product portfolio ranges from continuous monitoring of projects, invitations to tender and proposed legislation through to detailed content analyses and studies. In workshops we analyze topics, processes and structures that are relevant for our clients.

We use modern databases for monitoring, but it is only the expertise of our staff that can turn raw information into solutions that are truly tailored to the needs of our clients down to the fine detail.

Despite individualized solutions, we can offer our information services in almost all industrial sectors at extremely competitive prices. These services are also provided independently of any other project developments.

How do we proceed?

What information do you need? And for what purpose? Intelligence & Monitoring should always have a fixed goal in mind. Only then can relevant information be distinguished from meaningless floods of information – and also be evaluated correctly.

Together with you, we first analyze the concrete information requirements. Often the parameters of the analyses and monitoring are obvious: scope and depth of the search, search area (EU, federal, state or regional level) and frequency. You will receive the results in the language of your choice – of course also white labelled, if required.

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References & Successes

Analysis of the election programs for the Bundestag elections

Challenge: A change in the political landscape after the Bundestag elections potentially had effects on our client's business model


  • Needs assessment and determination of all policy areas relevant to the client
  • Graphical representation of the processes for the development of the various election programs (incl. timeline)
  • Initial analysis and synoptic evaluation of all sections of the election programs relevant to the client
  • Regular updating of the synopsis up to the formation of the government, followed by an analysis of the coalition agreement

Result: The exact portrayal and comparison of party-political positions enabled the client to be prepared for the diverse possible constellations of the election outcome

example analysis

Report Plus

Challenge: Continuous identification and analysis of political projects (federal and EU level) that influence the business model of our client


  • Needs assessment and identification of relevant policy areas and levels
  • Research of important reports in public media (trade press, Bundestag reports) by CONCILIUS experts  
  • Summary and evaluation of developments, identification of relevant actors and preparation of recommendations for action
  • Biweekly reporting by e-mail
  • Daily screening, time-critical messages are immediately sent as "Early Alert" by e-mail

Success: Reporting Plus continuously provides the client with a distinct assessment of all relevant political developments and strategically important recommendations for action

example Report Plus

Press review Dresden |and surroundings

Challenge: Close observation of local and regional press coverage in order to identify on a daily basis socio-political positions and mood changes


  • Needs assessment and identification of relevant topics
  • Daily monitoring of press coverage
  • Weekly summary and evaluation of notifications
  • Ad hoc information in case of time-critical developments through "Early Alert" messages via e-mail

Success: Early knowledge of societal, political and economic developments at the site through daily observation and evaluation of press contributions

example press review

Added value

Fast and reliable identification and processing of information from the client's perspective

Significant cost savings compared to in-house production

Processing by experts

Earliest possible information on relevant developments

Legislation & |Regulation

Enabling and securing
business models



The public sector
as a business partner


Market Entry |Support

Creating new markets
for innovations


Large-Scale Projects & |Infrastructure

Settlements and infrastructure projects –
analysis, approval, consensus


Funding |Consultancy

Identification and realization
of funding opportunities


Intelligence & |Monitoring

Research and analysis
of information