Large-Scale Projects

» Great things also overcome great hurdles in consensus.

Whether the siting of a shopping center or the construction of a plant for alternative energy generation – in addition to official approvals, the implementation of large-scale and infrastructure projects always requires the approval of politics, civil society and the affected population.

Political, administrative and societal stakeholders must be involved in order to ensure the sound economic success of a project. In the case of projects with societal relevance, it makes sense to exchange ideas with policymakers right from the start of the process in order to obtain approval and, if required, subsidies from the federal government. At the latest, however, when it comes to exploring possible locations, professional support of your project by public affairs experts makes sense.

CONCILIUS supports you in your communications with municipalities and the federal states in order to gain investment incentives for your project, examines the regulatory framework and, if necessary, advocates adaptation, accompanies the approval process and involves societal groups. This way, you can realize your project as quickly and cost-effectively as possible with minimum friction.


How do we proceed?


  • Identifying and assessing the opportunities and risks of a project on the basis of publicly available sources, expert knowledge and decades of experience at all federal levels
  • Carving out decision-making processes and structures
  • Initial evaluation interviews with decision-makers and experts at the respective federal level


  • Formulating goals, opportunities and challenges of the project with a focus on political and societal decision-makers
  • Design of a dynamic target plan, including a time frame, individual measures and a decision matrix and, whenever necessary, adjustment of the plan to current developments


  • Implementation of individual measures, e.g. support of application submissions, placement of position papers, participation in hearings, organization of political and social information events, etc.
  • Individual discussions with decision-makers, involvement of third parties (e.g. associations, local alliances)
  • Ongoing monitoring of developments and advisory services

References & Successes

Siting of an |international research center

Challenge: Fast and advantageous siting of a Dow Jones company in the German market with high investment volume, but limited manpower on site


  • Identification of possible locations: comparison of funding opportunities, regulatory conditions and decision-making structures
  • Negotiations with politicians, administrations and funding institutions
  • Professional support in all approval procedures
  • Identification and support of infrastructure optimization measures, e.g. traffic development
  • Individual discussions and information formats with political and societal decision-makers
  • Organization of the opening event

Success: Efficient siting of the research center within the shortest possible time

Construction of a |factory outlet center

Challenge: Adaptation of the regional development program and approval of the construction project by a citizens' decision


  • Analysis of the political and societal framework conditions for the desired location
  • Development of information formats and individual discussions with political decision-makers at state level and in the municipality with the aim of adapting the state development program
  • Integration of relevant associations
  • Support with the application for all approvals
  • Accompaniment of the citizens' decision through communicative measures vis-à-vis politics, associations and citizens
  • Organization of the opening of the factory outlet taking into account all relevant stakeholders

Success: By involving all political, social and economic partners concerned, CONCILIUS has succeeded in creating the regulatory prerequisites for the fast and smooth construction of the factory outlet

Power line construction project of a German energy company

Challenge: Approval and frictionless construction of a power line with special consideration of municipal stakeholders and socio-political crisis communication


  • Analysis of the political and societal framework conditions of the target corridor
  • Daily monitoring of press coverage and the activities of municipal initiatives in the affected region
  • Accompanying the regional planning procedure and the planning approval procedure through information formats and individual discussions with political decision-makers at state level and in local authorities, administrations, citizens' initiatives and interest groups
  • Professional crisis communication, also personally on site

Success: Spatial planning, approval and successful construction of the pipeline in a very tight timeframe

Added value

Cost savings through faster, less conflicting implementation of projects

Expert consultancy for subsidies and incentives

Support in approval processes and regulatory issues at all federal levels

Communicative support for all relevant decision-makers

Professional crisis communication

Legislation & |Regulation

Enabling and securing
business models



The public sector
as a business partner


Market Entry |Support

Creating new markets
for innovations


Large-Scale Projects & |Infrastructure

Settlements and infrastructure projects –
analysis, approval, consensus


Funding |Consultancy

Identification and realization
of funding opportunities


Intelligence & |Monitoring

Research and analysis
of information