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CONCILIUS represents your strategic interests to political decision-makers.

With a team of experts comprising around 30 employees, CONCILIUS develops political-strategic solutions for your business model and implements them in close coordination with you.


What benefits do we provide you with?

Knowledge of
political mechanics

CONCILIUS speaks the language of politics – and it has its very own grammar. With a team of around 30 strategic consultants and analysts, we are the experienced partner for any form of professional political corporate communication. On the basis of decades of experience and taking into account modern analysis techniques, we explain the mechanisms of the political federal system on a project-related basis for our clients and work out beneficial solutions across sectors and parties.


The right tools

Every company is unique, as are the regulatory challenges a product or service may face. The experts at CONCILIUS have already successfully supported more than 2,000 projects in a wide variety of economic sectors. We therefore draw on a wealth of experience when it comes to the effective handling of projects. Choosing the right communication tool at the right time not only ensures success, but also saves the client time and money.



CONCILIUS supports its clients in dealing with regulatory challenges as well as in applying for subsidies, planning and implementing large-scale projects, doing business with the public sector or entering the market with new products or services. We analyze framework conditions and – equipped with the right arguments and tools – establish direct contact with authorities and politicians. Our goal is to work together with decision-makers to find a consensus that ensures the success of the company. For this, our experts draw on their expertise, experience and established networks.


How does CONCILIUS help?

Active representation of interests

In an increasingly globalized, work-sharing and digitalized economic system, the political and administrative influences on your corporate strategy are becoming ever greater and are therefore highly relevant to your corporate success. CONCILIUS supports its clients in successfully dealing with these influences.

We strategically represent your interests to politics and the entire public sector. This contributes importantly to developing your company and opening up new business opportunities.

How does CONCILIUS work?


With comprehensive political and technical analyses, CONCILIUS provides companies with sound knowledge of current and expected framework conditions in the public sector. Our extensive research and intelligence services are the first tools of choice with which we develop sound, strategic and holistic problem solutions for your goals. Our Content & Research team can offer an early warning system for your business model as well as medium and long-term opportunity analyses.




On the basis of information and analyses, CONCILIUS develops strategies to position and actively represent your entrepreneurial interests in the political environment in a way that is likely to gain consensus. We develop clear core messages for your concerns and, in close consultation with you, approach decision-makers capable of making differences in your interests – at the right time, in the right environment and with arguments that show consensus as the clear win-win situation.



Public affairs – establishing political contacts – can only be as successful as the quality of these contacts. Since 2003, CONCILIUS has represented entrepreneurial interests at all political and administrative levels in Germany and at the institutions of the European Union. Our solution process from phrasing to implementation of justified concerns is active, direct and personal. We talk to people in public as well as in confidential settings. On political podiums as well as in private discussions.


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