Politics impact your corporate success. More than you imagine. Welcome to CONCILIUS.

||A bill threatens jobs in your company. A regulation inhibits your innovation. || Your product or service is
becoming more and more regulated. || Public authorities would be the ideal customer for your products and services. || With a private public partnership model, your company would be able to provide benefits for the public. || You are interested in acquiring a state-owned enterprise through a privatization process. || You want to expand your business to countries where politics and economy are closely intertwined. || The provision of funds would alleviate your managerial decision concerning expansion. Citizens’ initiatives aggravate the implementation of your large-scale project. || Your company expects you to provide political and administrative contacts. || Your company suffers from a reputational crisis. || You wish to organize your political communication in a more strategic and professional way. || Your trade association does not sufficiently represent your interests any more.

CONCILIUS is the leading service provider in representing your political interests towards politics and administration – in Germany, the European Union and throughout the world.