Market Entry Support

» New markets – new thinking. |Policy strategies for innovative products and services

Successful market entry requires not only an excellent product or service – the target market must also provide the necessary legal framework.

The health sector, for example, has been confronted with this requirement for decades. With rapid technological development and digitization, this political-regulatory dimension is increasingly coming to the fore in the IT, mobility, agriculture and many other sectors.

The specific demands of clients here vary, starting from support and approval procedures for locally limited pilot projects, continuing through the labyrinth of technical studies from federal authorities, and extending through to the initiation of new laws because existing ones do not cover the new technologies.  Integrating new business models into a regulatory context requires a high degree of creativity and mental flexibility. The joy of working with innovations and translating them into the political arena with the aim of a quick and successful market launch – all this spurs CONCILIUS on every day.

How do we proceed?


  • Initial analysis of the opportunities and challenges in the political and legislative contexts using publicly accessible sources and personal discussions with decision-makers ("Political Due Diligence")
  • First regulatory classification and definition of decision-making processes and structures
  • Evaluation of opportunities and risks of the business model by a team of experts with decades of experience


  • Translation of the client's business objectives into the “language of politics”
  • Development of political solution strategies and argumentation papers
  • Design of a dynamic target plan including a time frame, individual measures and the decision matrix
  • If applicable: support in the selection of test areas for pilot projects


  • Sparring partner: project support with continuous guidance for the client
  • Implementation of individual measures, e.g. submission of applications, placement of position papers, participation in hearings, individual discussions with decision-makers, organization of political information events, involvement of third parties such as associations, etc.
  • Reviewing and adapting the lobbying strategy to current developments

References & Successes

Autonomous |Mobility

Challenge: Timely market entry with a previously unregulated product


  • Political context analysis and selection of a suitable pilot test area
  • Coordination and implementation of all meetings with the responsible authorities at city and state level, the BMVI and other authorities
  • Processing and submission of official applications
  • Coordination of service providers (insurance companies, testing institutes)

Success: Approval of a pilot project and preparation of a regulation for a nationwide roll-out

Product approval |in X-ray technology

Challenge: Due to a lack of regulation, our client's innovative product might have initially been unsaleable in Germany


  • Analysis of existing regulations
  • Development of possible political solutions and argumentation strategies
  • Individual discussions and diverse information formats for decision-makers in the relevant ministries of the federal government and the Länder with a special focus on the federal and Länder working group
  • Coordination of media work and involvement of associations

Success: Due to the amendment of the X-ray regulation, the product received approval in Germany

Market entry promoted |through public fiscal measures

Challenge: Supporting the market launch of a product innovation with a federal tax package


  • Analysis of the political environment and strategic planning
  • Drafting the key points for the most promising tax package and accompanying the negotiations
  • Individual discussions and information formats for decision-makers from the governing parties, the Bundestag committees concerned, the Länder and federal ministries
  • Involvement and coordination of other interest groups such as associations

Success: Broad public support for market entry through the adoption of a new federal tax package

Added value

Expert analysis of framework conditions, opportunities and challenges

Regulatory facilitation of market entry at all federal levels

Minimization of risks

Conserving resources through acceleration

Scaling of the target market through public support and promotion

Legislation & |Regulation

Enabling and securing
business models



The public sector
as a business partner


Market Entry |Support

Creating new markets
for innovations


Large-Scale Projects & |Infrastructure

Settlements and infrastructure projects –
analysis, approval, consensus


Funding |Consultancy

Identification and realization
of funding opportunities


Intelligence & |Monitoring

Research and analysis
of information